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Why Bug Pets?

We founded Bug Pets LTD with a core promise: to prioritize the well-being and quality of our invertebrate friends. Each purchase you make directly supports this mission, enabling us to provide exceptional care for our animals and ensuring that you welcome a happy, healthy pet into your home.

Our team is filled with invertebrate fanatics who deeply understand the care these unique animals require. We’re not just here to run a business; we’re here because we genuinely want the best for these incredible creatures and for the people who bring them into their families. We understand the resources and commitment involved in offering ethical care, and we invest accordingly in our operation. 

Quality Care, Quality Critters

We work hard to source our animals from the UK’s top trusted breeders, suppliers, and importers, and we’ll never sell injured, ill, or mismolted animals to our customers. Unwell animals are kept in our care until they are in top health, although, admittedly, our team ends up with a lot of “rescue” pets!

Our livestock are cared for by our passionate team members with years of experience in keeping a vast array of pet invertebrates. We’re knowledgeable about the environment, nutrition, health conditions, injuries, and diseases of the animals we sell. That’s why we can do quality checkups for your animals, ensuring you receive a pet that will last you decades, not days. 

Our checkups look for parasites, disease, injury, mismolts, and genetic deformities. Many of these are silent killers that aren’t always immediately apparent. If you’ve kept invertebrates, you’ll know it’s not unusual to hear about invertebrates that die despite great care, and so we do our best to sell only the healthiest pets to our customers.

If you’ve kept invertebrates before, you’ll know that even with the best care, things can sometimes go awry. While we strive for excellence, we acknowledge that no process is foolproof. Should you encounter any issues with your new pet, rest assured that we stand behind the health of our animals and will work with you to resolve any concerns.

Our Team's Ethics

Our team? We’re dedicated enthusiasts who are deeply invested in the world of invertebrates. We’re energized by the latest research, including groundbreaking legislation like the recent UK bill recognizing the sentience of certain aquatic invertebrates. While this specifically mentions creatures like lobsters and hermit crabs, it opens the door for broader discussions about all arthropods. It’s an exciting time to be part of this evolving industry, and we’re thrilled to advocate for invertebrates based on the growing understanding of their intelligence and capacity for sensation.

When you shop with Bug Pets, you’re supporting more than just our business—you’re helping to raise the bar for the entire industry. Every purchase from ethical and responsible sellers nudges the needle, encouraging the community at large to pay attention to the exciting new findings on invertebrates.

Thank You For Shopping With Us!

As newcomers shaking up the invertebrate scene, we’re thrilled by the buzz you’ve helped create around Bug Pets! Your support, kind words, and the chatter you’ve started have been instrumental in our journey. Every day brings new lessons that help us fine-tune both our service and the quality of care we provide to our critters.

Thank you for being a part of our adventure and for sticking with us as we grow!