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Illness, Infection, & Injury In Praying Mantis

Fungal infections, bacterial infections, eye rub, mismoults, old age, physical injury and more, our in-depth guide to praying mantis healthcare cracks down on illness in praying mantis.

Housing A Praying Mantis & Mantis Enclosures

Setting up a praying mantis enclosure is simple, but knowing what to add can be a little tricky. We’ll teach you how to choose, set up and decorate an enclosure your mantis will thrive in, and discuss the importance of adding ventilation, keeping in humidity, and much more.

Sexing A Praying Mantis

Sexing a praying mantis can seem more complicated than it actually is. Here’s our guide on how to sex your praying mantis, from segment-counting to analysing body shape. We’ve also added in some brief pointers on specific mantis species and their unique sexual dimorphism.

Feeding A Praying Mantis

Knowing how and what to feed your praying mantis, and if you’ve even fed enough, can be a little nerve-racking for new keepers. Let’s delve into everything feeding related, and how you’ll know if you’re doing it right.

Moulting In Praying Mantis

Mismoults are one of the top killers in captive-kept praying mantises. That’s why we’ve written this guide – to educate new keepers on moulting issues, mismoults, and how to prevent them. From RH (relative humidity) to hydration, housing and appropriate enclosure decor for your praying mantis, our mega in-depth guide covers everything moulting related.