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Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you have not received confirmation emails or email updates, please ensure you have checked your emails thoroughly, including spam emails.

We’ll aim to respond within 24 hours. Be sure to enter the name your order was placed under, along with a detailed description so we can efficiently answer your query. You’ll be shortly contacted by a member of our support team.

We understand the stress of receiving a seemingly unresponsive animal. To best assess the situation, we kindly request a 5-second video of the live animal when reporting a dead-on-arrival issue

Please do not dispose of unresponsive animals before we have had time to review your footage as we may require additional video or photographic evidence.

 Many animals can become timid or appear inactive after their journey, and some are even known to exhibit ‘playing dead’ behaviors. Our primary goal is to ensure the well-being of the animals and to prevent any potential harm. We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter, as it helps safeguard these creatures’ welfare.

Thank you for your understanding.


I Have Not Received Email Updates Or Responses

Please ensure you have checked your spam emails. This is particularly important if you are using Hotmail, Outlook, and other email platforms besides Gmail. If you still have not received email updates, it's possible your email address has been entered incorrectly. Please reach out to us via our contact form.

Where Is My Parcel? Do I Have Tracking?

We'll notify you when your order is handed over to Royal Mail. We use Royal Mail's 'Guaranteed Next-Day By 1 p.m.' shipping service. This service ensures your pet stays in transit for only one day, and will be with you the day after dispatch. This is a signed-for service, you must be home to collect your pet. When the order is ready to be shipped by Royal Mail, you will be notified with a confirmation email or text by Royal Mail along with tracking information that your parcel is on its way.

I Think My Snail Is Dead

These little guys typically become shy after transit and take a little while to come out of their shells. Many people believe them to be dead when they're just a little spooked and not ready to come out yet. When you receive a snail, place it undisturbed into its new home, preferably add in some tasty food such as veg and protein, and leave it alone for an hour. If there's still no activity, let us know.

What Does The Live-On-Arrival Guarantee Cover?

The live-on-arrival guarantee extends past your pets reaching you alive - it also ensures you receive healthy pets without injury. If you suspect your animal is deceased, injured, or dying after reaching you, you're eligible for a refund. We do not cover illnesses, injuries, or deaths not caused by transit. Our pets are thoroughly checked up by our team experts before being sent to their new homes, ensuring they are in the best of health. A 5-second video of the deceased, injured, or ill animal must be supplied within 24 hours of arrival.

When Will My Order Be Shipped?

We dispatch on Mondays and Thursdays. Exceptions may be made and orders may be postponed in the event of issues with Royal Mail or weather extremes. We aim to keep our animals in transit for no longer than one day, so we do not post on Fridays or weekends.