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Invertebrate Deco-Packs

Discover the ultimate way to enrich your pet invertebrates’ living space with our curated selection of deco-packs. Designed to cater to a variety of natural habitats—from desert landscapes to lush rainforests, deco-packs offer a solution for creating an environment that your critters will thrive in. Whether you’re a proud owner of mantis, tarantulas, scorpions, or other fascinating invertebrates, you’ll find a deco-pack that’s just right for your setup. Each pack features a selection of plants, woods, and additional natural elements like moss that are carefully chosen to not just mimic your pets’ natural habitats, but also to make it aesthetically pleasing for you. Easy to install and rearrange, our deco-packs make it a breeze to keep your pet’s home both functional and beautiful.