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Natural Barks & Sticks

Discover our diverse assortment of natural tree bark, wood, and sticks, chosen to offer your pets natural items to climb on, hide in or burrow under. Bark pieces come in different shapes, sizes and textures and not only serve as visual accents but also provide climbing surfaces for your invertebrates to navigate and explore. Our natural decor creates natural-looking and attractive terrarium setup and offer hiding spots and structural support for your invertebrates to create their own secluded spaces. We have sticks and twigs available in an array of shapes and sizes, from slender branches to gnarled twigs. These sticks are ideal for invertebrates such as praying mantis to climb and perch on. Incorporating a variety of natural bark, wood, and sticks into your invertebrate terrarium helps create a natural-looking habitat that your invertebrate pets will feel at home in. Watch as your pets instinctively climb, hide, and explore their miniature world. Provide your pets with an all-natural, enriching environment that mimics their natural habitat.