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Mesh Enclosures

Discover the ideal habitat for your arboreal invertebrates with our collection of mesh enclosures. These versatile and spacious enclosures are specifically designed to house butterflies, stick insects, mantises, and other arboreal critters. These habitats offer excellent ventilation and visibility, allowing your invertebrates to thrive in a natural and comfortable environment. The mesh walls ensure optimal air circulation, preventing moisture buildup leading to mould growth. Mesh insect enclosures are designed to provide ample space for your arboreal invertebrates to explore and flourish. Whether you’re rearing caterpillars or stick insects, mesh insect enclosures offer the room they’ll need to thrive. These pop-up habitats offer a lightweight and portable solution for your invertebrate housing needs. These habitats not only keeps your pets safe and secure but also allows you to easily observe their behaviours and movements.