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Isopod Setups

Jump into ‘pod-keeping with our Isopod setups. These comprehensive equipment kits are carefully crafted to provide optimal care for your exotic pet isopods. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, our Isopod Essentials Kit and Pro Kit offer everything you need to create a thriving and captivating habitat. These all-inclusive kit features a sturdy plastic faunarium, a selection of substrate tailored to meet your isopods’ needs, a reliable heat mat for maintaining ideal temperatures, and a hygrometer to keep humidity levels in check, along with much more. With these essentials, you can establish a comfortable and nourishing environment that supports your isopods’ well-being. Our pro kits showcase top-tier glass terrariums from renowned exotic pet brands. The Pro Kit also includes carefully curated substrate, a precision hygrometer for meticulous humidity control, a mist bottle for maintaining optimal moisture levels, and cork bark to enhance your isopods’ habitat, promoting optimal health and ensuring the overall health of your beloved pets. Our Isopod setups aim to replicate the conditions found in their natural habitats, enabling your isopods to thrive and flourish. By creating an environment that mirrors their needs, you can observe your pets and enjoy a gratifying experience as a dedicated pet owner.