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Tarantula Setups

Create the perfect tarantula habitat with our comprehensive range of tarantula setups. We’ve carefully designed our tarantula kits for new keepers and established tarantula enthusiasts alike. our providing you with all the necessary equipment to create a suitable environment for your tarantula. Whether you’re a collector looking for a more affordable option to house a large or expanding collection, or want to splurge on high-end equipment for your T, we offer two kit options to cater to your specific needs: the Tarantula Essentials Kit and the Tarantula Pro Kit. Our essentials kits are brilliant for collectors looking for a sensibly priced way to keep their spiders, complete with a high-quality plastic faunarium, which serves as a secure enclosure for your tarantula. The kit contains substrate to create a natural habitat, a heat mat for maintaining optimal temperatures, and other key items selected to keep your ‘T’s happy and healthy. For enthusiasts seeking a premium setup, the Tarantula Pro Kit is an ideal choice, including a glass terrarium from top Exotic pet brands, providing a quality, durable home for your Tarantula. The kit includes a suitable substrate such as coco coir, vermiculite, sand or one of our pre-prepared mixes to suit particular species where appropriate, a hygrometer for accurate humidity checks, a mist bottle for regular hydration, a water dish and cork bark hide. Both kits are curated to ensure your tarantula has the best habitat in which to thrive. By providing the essential components required for the well-being of your tarantula, our kits take the guesswork out of setting up an ideal tarantula habitat. Browse our selection of tarantula kits today to explore the options and find the perfect tarantula starter kit for your needs. Our kits are designed to provide a seamless and convenient experience for keepers, allowing you to focus on the joy of caring for these fascinating creatures.