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Time to top up on feeder insects? Browse our selection of live food insects, including locusts, fruit flies, crickets, and more. Our live feeder insects are nutritious food for praying mantis, jumping spiders, tarantulas, and other insectivorous invertebrates. It’s always important to choose the right live food for your pet. We recommend choosing high-protein feeder insects, with the occasional grub or larvae as a little extra treat. Ensuring your pet has a healthy diet can improve their immune system, and even prevent mismolts, according to some studies!

What Feeder Insects Should I Buy?

Whether you’re feeding an insect or arachnid, it’s always best to stick to high protein, low fat live food like dubia roaches, fruit flies, and locusts. On the other hand, high fat feeder insects include wax-worms and morio-worms. Ensuring your invertebrate gets a high protein diet will keep them happier and healthier.

What Should I Feed My Baby Nymph Or Spiderling?

We recommend D. Hydei fruit flies as food for the majority of young invertebrates and mantis nymphs. As your pet grows, we advise moving onto hatchling locusts, mealworms, or any other small alternative. Most invertebrates will accept food around 1/3rd of their total body length, often smaller or larger depending on the animal.