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Shop our range of flies, perfect for praying mantis, spiderlings, and many more carnivorous invertebrates. Fruit flies are the feeder of choice for small invertebrates like jumping spiders, praying mantis, and many more. Select the fruit fly species best for you, from small D. melanogaster to larger & meatier D. hydei. We offer multiple tub sizes of fruit flies so you’ll always have the amount you need, along with multi-stage fruit fly hatching vials so you’ll always have fruit flies ready and available for your pets. As your critters grow, many will prefer fly castors from green bottle flies, blue bottle flies, and many more species. Flies are stimulating, active prey that allow your pets to effectively hunt and display their natural instincts. High in protein and low in fat, flies offer your inverts everything they need to molt, grow, and reproduce all in great health.