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Beginner Isopods

Jump into ‘pod keeping with our extensive selection of beginner isopod species. These creatures are perfect for those new to keeping invertebrates, offering a simple and low-maintenance introduction to the world of isopod pets. With their hardiness, ease of care, and simple setup requirements, beginner isopods are an excellent choice for enthusiasts of all ages. We stock a wide variety of species known for their resilience and adaptability. These beginner-friendly isopods are specifically chosen for their ability to thrive in a range of environments, ideal for brand new keepers learning the in and outs of isopod care. These species are selected as ‘beginner friendly’ due to their low humidity and temperature requirements. They’re well-suited to a wide range of temperatures, allowing owners to create a comfortable habitat without the need for specialized heating or cooling equipment. Additionally, their modest humidity needs make maintaining their environment straightforward and hassle-free. Many beginner species are also content with a diet of decaying organic matter. Whether you’re a curious nature enthusiast or an aspiring isopod keeper, our selection of beginner isopods provides an entry point into the brilliant world of invertebrate pets.