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Giant African Land Snails

Discover your next unconventional pet from our diverse collection of giant African land snails for sale. Browse from a wide selection colour variations we have available, all equally beautiful and able to be housed with one another. Shop from the classic brown shell brown body GAL, or delve into the albino yellow shell white body Jadatzi snail. The Rodatzi variation exhbits a contrasting yellow shell and brown body, and the white jade displays a stunning chocolate brown shell on a pale body, but why stop at one when you can mix and match? Giant African Land Snails are known for their peaceful nature and ability to cohabitate. These are wonderful,l ow maintenance pets that are a joy to watch and rear, with babies taking only a year to reach their full adult size. All of our snails are covered by our live-on-arrival guarantee, so you can relax knowing your new friend will be delivered safe and sound to your door.

What Do Albino Jadatzi, Jade, Rodatzi, And Other Terms Mean?

These names refer to the colouration of the snail in question. Albino Jadatzi snails have albino bodies and albino shells. Jade snails have dark shells with albino bodies. Rodatzi have albino shells and dark bodies. The standard giant African land snail boasts a dark body and dark shell.

How Many Snails Should I Buy?

Snails can be kept communally, so you can keep as many GALS as you want! The general rule for snail-keeping is that you need around 1 gallon per snail. Our customers typically purchase around 3-4 snails for their setups.

What Food Should I Give My Snail?

Giant African land snails need a source of fresh vegetables, a protein source, and a calcium source. The bulk of their diet should consist of nutritious, leafy vegetables. This should be supplemented with protein such as dried insects, and with a calcium source such as oyster shell or cuttlebone, all of which we supply in the “Protein & Calcium Supplements” section.

Are Giant African Land Snails Good Pets?

Yes! Giant African land snails are a lot of fun to keep. They’re quirky and low maintenance pets, perfect for both children and adults. With so many colour forms to choose from, you can mix and match.

Are GALS difficult to care for?

Not at all. GALS require a basic setup with moisture-retaining substrate, food and water dishes, a hidey place, and some supplemental foods. They have to be regularly misted and fed, but do not need a lot of attention to keep them happy and thriving. They can be kept together without issue, but will need a decent amount of space as they mature.

Is It Legal To Keep GALS?

Yes, in the UK it is perfectly legal to keep giant African land snails as pets. These molluscs are often outlawed in warmer climates as they can become highly invasive. This is not the case in the UK. Please note, it is, however, illegal to release any non-native invertebrates into the wild in the UK, including giant African land snails.