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Praying Mantis

Dive into the fun and fascinating world of exotic pet insects and explore our extensive collection of praying mantis for sale. With our impressive range, you can handpick from a selection of aggressive, timid, and docile species, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice in the insect world or someone introducing their children to the joys of keeping a pet insect, we have species that are perfect for beginners. For the more adventurous, there are also species that promise more thrill and exoticism. If the idea of keeping a praying mantis is completely new to you, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we pride ourselves on the diversity of our mantis for sale, but we are also committed to their safe arrival at your home. Every purchase you make comes with our life-on-arrival guarantee. To ensure the well-being of your new pet, especially during chillier seasons, we provide free heat packs with our next-day delivery service. This ensures your mantis remains content and in the best of health during transit. So, no matter which species catches your eye, rest assured that when you decide to buy praying mantis from us, their safe arrival is our top priority.

I Want To Buy A Praying Mantis. Which Species Should I Choose?

Choosing the right mantis species for your needs and interests is essential. Your selection should be influenced by your level of experience as well as your personal preferences. For those who are new to mantis-keeping and have only a minimal amount of experience, species that are labelled as “beginner friendly” are easier to care for and maintain, making them a perfect fit for newcomers. There is a detailed overview provided on the product page of essential information about the mantis’ size, its temperament, and the level of difficulty involved in its care. Enthusiasts who are completely new to the world of mantises often gravitate towards a few popular beginner species, including the giant Asian mantis, the giant African mantis, and the ghost mantis. These are wonderfully hardy and unique species that serve as a great starting point for new keepers.

Is It Responsible To Buy Praying Mantis Online?

Yes! We take numerous precautions to ensure that your praying mantis reaches you safely. We ship our live invertebrates by next-day delivery and add a heat pack free of charge whenever necessary so your pet is protected from the elements. If we expect conditions to be too harsh for shipping, we may temporarily postpone your order until better weather. We always want what’s best for our animals.

What Should I Do With My Mantis When It Arrives?

Your mantis will be located within your parcel inside of a transport cup or tub. Gently remove the lid, and coax your pet into their new enclosure. If they seem hesitant to move, we recommend using a fine brush to nudge them in. Praying mantis aren’t typically flighty, but they may be a little shaken up from a bumpy journey, so be attentive. Next, mist the walls of your mantis’s enclosure and allow them an hour or so to settle in before offering food or handling.

Do Praying Mantis Make Good Pets?

We definitely rate mantis as one of the top pet invertebrates that enthusiasts can own. These are highly interactive critters that can be regularly handled and even left to free roam on a plant as adults. They are incredibly simple to care for, and are inexpensive. Their short lifespan can be bittersweet, but makes them low commitment pets, allowing you to experience numerous fascinating species without keeping too many at once.

Can Praying Mantis Be Kept Communally?

For the most part, no. The vast majority of species should be kept in isolation, however, several species are considered communal, such as the ghost mantis. With that said, even “communal” species can attack eachother if they are kept in insufficient conditions, or if one mantis is significantly smaller or weaker than another. Communal keeping is advised for experienced keepers only.

What Do Praying Mantis Eat?

Praying mantis are carnivores, feasting on other insects and invertebrates. In captivity, young mantis nymphs are fed D. hydei fruit flies, or D. melanogaster if they are exceptionally small. As they mature, offer your mantis food around 1/3rd the length of its body. We recommend mealworms, crickets, locusts, dubia roaches. Aggressive species like the African mantis or giant Asian mantis can take large prey around 1/2 of their body size. Timid species such as the ghost mantis often prefer smaller prey, around the size of the animal’s head.