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Stick Insects

Discover your new pet today from our range of live stick insects for sale online. Stick insects, scientifically known as Phasmids, are fascinating critters that are incredibly simple to care for yet are wonderfully fulfilling to raise. We stock a variety of unique species, from the staple Indian stick insect to unique options like the black beauty stick insect. Phasmids are wonderfully simple to care for, and even some of the most stunning species enjoy munching on a simple diet of bramble or privet leaves. With over 6000 stick bug species on earth, we’ve selected the best of the bunch for you to buy.

Is It Safe To Buy Stick Insects Online?

It is with us! We make sure to ship all of our stick insects and other invertebrates in well-padded recyclable packaging to ensure they arrive safe and healthy. During the colder months, we’ll add in a heat-pack, or may temporarily suspend shipping until weather conditions improve.

Do Stick Insects Make Good Pets?

Stick insects are interesting pets that are incredibly easy to care for. They need the occasional spray of water along with a diet of leaves such as bramble or privet that can be easily collected while out and about. Stick insects are interactive and can be easily handled, overall they’re great fun!