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Buy isopods online at Bug Pets. Raise a colony of your favourite exotic isopods from our selection of species. We stock dozens of pods for you to choose from, suitable for both beginners and experienced isopod keepers. Choose from your favourite genera such as Armadillidium, Porcellio, Cubaris, and more. Isopods are hardy and fascinating little pets that will keep you enthused as they grow in number and flourish under the correct care.

Is It Safe To Buy & Ship Isopods Online?

Absolutely. We take great pride in how we ship our live invertebrates, isopods included. Our isopods are shipped in recyclable packaging and are sent with heat packs in the colder parts of the year if necessary. The safety of our pods is our priority, so it’s perfectly fine to buy isopods online from us.

Do Isopods Make Good Pets?

Yes, at least we think so. Part of the joy in owning isopods is watching your colony flourish under your good care. Isopods are extremely low-maintenance and affordable pets, living off decaying leaves and any available forms of protein. There are so many beautiful varieties to choose from, and, as with most other inverts, you’ll find yourself owning more and more.