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Hermit Crabs

Browse our selection of pet hermit crabs for sale within the UK. These fascinating critters are quirky personalities and are highly intelligent. Not your average pet, hermit crabs communicate with each other and even chirp! These critters can use hamster wheels and explore complex paludariums, they thrive in a stimulating environment with plenty of decor to climb around on and are social animals that must be kept in groups. These are truly rewarding crustaceans to keep and offer an experience unlike other pet invertebrates. We’ve catered our selection so you can buy hermit crabs that are best for you, with hardy species that will thrive in good care. Deck your hermit ‘crabitat’ out with a moisture retaining substrate, cork bark, wood chunks, hermit wheels, and other items to give your hermies an environment they’ll adore.

What Shells Will My Pet Hermit Crab Need?

Shells are a vital part of keeping a pet hermit crab happy and healthy. These critters are known for being selective about their homes; after all, a shell serves as a portable refuge for them. We recommend offering a variety of shells in different shapes and sizes, giving your crab the freedom to choose its perfect fit. Generally, shells with a rounded opening such as turbo shells are preferred over those with oblong or irregular shapes. Shells should be larger than the crab’s current one, to allow for growth, but not so big that it’s difficult for the crab to carry around. Custom sized shells can also be ordered online if you’re looking for something particular. However, it can be a bit difficult for beginners to measure shell opening sizes, so we recommend purchasing a mixture, and allowing your crab to pick and choose. Avoid painted or decorated shells.

How Many Pet Hermit Crabs Do I Need?

In the wild, these creatures are highly social and can be found in groups of hundreds. Although you don’t need to replicate a community of that size, it’s generally recommended to keep at least three hermit crabs together, the more the merrier. The reason for this number is straightforward: it ensures that if something unfortunate were to happen to one of them, the remaining crabs won’t be left alone. Hermit crabs are social animals and they thrive in the company of their own kind. Having a trio or more means your crabs can keep each other company, reducing stress and promoting healthier, happier pets. Keep these crabs in a small group rather than a solitary or duo setup to keep your hermit crabs as content as they can be.