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Velvet Spiders

Browse our selection of pet velvet spiders for sale. When one thinks of spiders, the words “interesting” and “cute” might not always spring to mind. However, the velvet spider is here to change that perception. These small, fascinating creatures are from the family “Eresus”, and are gradually gaining popularity among pet enthusiasts, and for good reason! Velvet spiders, also known as ladybird spiders, have a soft, velvety body and small stumpy limbs. This gives them a plush toy-like appearance. They come in various shades ranging from deep black, brown, and cream, with males adorning beautifully patterned abdomen in reds and oranges that give them the name “ladybird spider”. Velvet spiders are fairly low-maintenance compared to other pets. They don’t need daily feeding or constant attention. This makes them a good choice for individuals who are interested in a pet that doesn’t demand too much time but is still fascinating to observe. For those looking to overcome a fear of spiders, the velvet spider’s cute and non-threatening appearance can serve as an excellent first step.