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Browse our diverse selection of pet tarantulas for sale. Tarantulas make great pets for both novices and experienced hobbyists alike. With proper care and attention, these gentle giants can be intriguing, low-maintenance companions perfect for animal lovers interested in the unconventional. With a wide variety of species available, we’ve selected numerous diverse ‘T’s’ from the robust Chilean Rose Hair to the vibrant Mexican Redknee, and the fascinating Goliath Bird-Eater. We source our pet tarantulas for sale from the reliable breeders in the UK, ensuring you receive a happy, healthy specimen. Whether you’re a seasoned arachnid enthusiast looking to grow your collection, or a beginner eager to delve into the world of tarantula ownership, we have all the resources you need.  With care equipment, beginner friendly species and advanced species available, we’ve made it easy for you to find the perfect pet tarantula and setup to fit your needs and lifestyle. Tarantulas purchased from us come with the assurance of the Bug Pets live-on-arrival guarantee. This means that you can shop with complete confidence, knowing that your tarantulas is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep in prime health, ready to be a part of your exotic pet family. Whether you’re a novice tarantula keeper stepping into this thrilling world for the first time, or a seasoned enthusiast seeking to add another unique species to your collection, our selection is tailored to cater to your individual needs and experience levels. From the hardy and docile species ideal for beginners to the more exotic and vibrant specimens that appeal to experienced hobbyists, we have the perfect eight-legged friend just for you.

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Is it safe to buy tarantulas online?

Absolutely! We prioritise the safety of all of our tarantulas for sale when shipping them. It’s important to us that all of our critters have a safe and comfortable journey in transit, which we ensure via comfy, insulated packaging and heat-packs wherever necessary. We explicitly send our tarantulas via next-day guaranteed delivery so they reach you swiftly and safely.

Which Tarantula Species Should I Get?

We know it can be overwhelming to pick a tarantula, especially as a beginner. We recommend new keepers start out with Mexican red-knees, or other Brachypelma varieties. Alternatively, the curly-hair or the green-bottle-blue are two other popular beginner choices. Ultimately, any species marked “beginner friendly” will be hardy and simple to care for.

What should I do with my tarantula when it arrives?

The fun begins! Unpack your tarantula from its temporary transport container into the enclosure you’ve set up. Top tip: lightly nudging the tarantula with a fine paint brush will help to gently encourage them into their new home. Make sure you’ve set up a hidey-place for the tarantula to settle into immediately. Then, watch as your tarantula builds its burrow.

Do Tarantulas Make Good Pets?

Tarantulas’ are unique pets but they’re certainly a different experience to owning other animals. It all depends on the species and what you prefer. Some species of tarantula are very active, and create beautiful webbed enclosures. Others are what the community lovingly refer to as “pet holes”, in that you might only see them when they come out to hunt. Either way, feeding your tarantula and watching it pounce on its prey is a very fun experience you won’t experience with many other household pets.

What Are Old-World And New-World Tarantulas?

‘Old world’ and ‘New world’ tarantulas refer to their native habitats. The old world consists of Africa and Eurasia, and as such ‘old world tarantulas’ refers to species native to those continents. New world tarantulas refer to species from the Americas. The majority of beginner species such as the curly hair and Mexican red knee are new worlds species, as they possess typically mild venom and prefer to flick urticating hairs instead of bite. This makes them great for beginners. Old world species pack a lot more punch, these are your advanced species that often possess medically significant venom and should never be handled. We recommend old world species only to experienced keepers.

What are Terrestrial, Fossorial, And Arboreal Tarantulas?

These terms refer to the burrowing habits, or lack thereof, of a tarantula. Arboreal species prefer to nest in tall spots and need a tall enclosure to suit. Terrestrial species are ground dwellers that opt to hide in crevices or shallow burrows. Fossorial species prefer to dig deep, and need an enclosure filled with plenty of substrate, often multiple times as deep as their own body size to feel safe and secure.