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Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are unarguably the cutest creepy crawlies around. Find your next 8-legged friend today from our range of jumping spiders for sale. From Phiddipus to Hyllus, we stock numerous irresistibly adorable species for you to choose from. Completely new to jumping spiders? We recommend the regal jumping spider or bold jumping spider. No matter which species you choose, we can guarantee you’ll adore it. These arachnids are considered so adorable, in fact, that people purchase these little critters to get over arachnophobia. But don’t be deceived, cuteness aside, jumping spiders are tactical, calculated killers, and some of the smartest ambush predators in the invertebrate pet trade. When you buy jumping spiders from us, they’re guaranteed to arrive safely to your door thanks to the Bug Pets live-on-arrival guarantee.

Is It Responsible To Buy Jumping Spiders Online?

Absolutely. We take plenty of precautions to make sure that your pet jumping spider arrives to your door happy and healthy. Free heat packs are included with all orders during colder months to protect your jumping spider from the elements, and we ship exclusively by next-day delivery so your pet is not at risk during transit. If we believe the weather is too harsh for us to ship your pet, we will postpone the order until conditions improve. We want the best for your pet just as much as you do.

Do Jumping Spiders Make Good Pets?

Yes! We have plenty of jumping spiders for sale that make brilliant pets. While jumping spiders can be a little timid as young spiderlings, as they mature they become friendly and easy to handle. The best pet jumping spider, in our opinion, is the regal jumping spider. This little arachnid is hardy, adorable, and grows to a reasonable size. Jumping spiders overall are incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for.

My Pet Jumping Spider Just Arrived, What Now?

You’ll receive your jumping spider inside a labeled transport cup in your parcel. Ensure your enclosure is already set up for your pet, and gently coax them from the cup into their new home with a fine brush if necessary. Give the enclosure a quick mist so your pet can drink, and leave them for around an hour to settle in. After this, you can offer them food, and try to handle them.