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Arboreal Rearing Enclosure, 20cm

A 20cm tall, cylindrical slot-together arboreal enclosure perfect for raising jumping spiders, spiderlings, and small insect nymphs. Featuring upper and lower halves which can be easily removed, this enclosure is designed to provide unintrusive access to moulting insects and arboreal spiders. Includes several removable plugs for hassle-free feeding.


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Dimensions: 20cm Tall, 12cm Diameter

The arboreal rearing enclosure is a mini plastic terrarium designed specifically for the nurturing and housing of small, young invertebrates such as mantids and arboreal spiderlings. This thoughtfully engineered product addresses the unique challenges of rearing numerous young creatures that need to be kept individually due to cannibalistic tendencies. This rearing enclosure boasts a two-piece detachable design, ensuring easy accessibility for maintenance and feeding. Ventilation is well considered, with openings in the top and adjustable side ventilation, creating an optimal environment for a variety of pet invertebrates. A uniquely designed pluggable feeding hatch located on the top allows food items to be easily introduced without disturbing the pet. The high upper part of the box significantly reduces the risk of escape, particularly important for species like mantids and tree tarantulas that have a tendency to flee upwards. This design aspect not only ensures safety but also significantly reduces stress for your pets.


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