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Juvenile Asian Fawn Tarantula

Chilobrachys Huahini


Our Juvenile Asian Fawn Tarantulas, known scientifically as Chilobrachys huahini, are lesser-known Old World spiders from Thailand that sport earthy tones, prefer to burrow, and are best suited for experienced keepers due to their defensive nature and potent venom.

Juvenile Asian Fawn Tarantula For Sale

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Juvenile Asian Fawn Tarantula, also known by their scientific name Chilobrachys huahini, is a lesser-known gem comes straight from the lush landscapes of Asia, with Thailand being a major home. Although they may not enjoy the fame that other tarantula species do, this old world beast certainly packs a punch. These spiders showcase a subtle blend of brown and fawn tones, earning them their common name. These critters come from the Old World—mostly Asia, Africa, and Europe. This means they’re on the defensive side and pack a punch with their venom. Handling is not recommended. Chilobrachys huahin juveniles are fossorial, which in layman’s terms means they’re big on burrowing. Though they’re technically terrestrial, they love spending most of their time underground. You’ll mostly catch them surfacing at night or when it’s feeding time. For setup, a deep substrate allows them to comfortably burrow and feel safe and secure. Females can potentially grow up to a 6-inch leg span. While not the ideal for spider newbies owing to their venom, these juveniles are a great pick for the more experienced keepers out there.


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