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Black Beauty Stick Insect

Peruphasma Schultei



The black beauty stick insect. We’re certain it’s black, but we’re not so sure it’s beautiful. A unique beginner species with stunning colours.

Black Beauty Stick Insect For Sale

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The black beauty stick insect… Does it really live up to its name? We’re not quite sure. It’s certainly black, and stunning golden eyes and tiny, ruby-red wings look magnificent against the lovely dark exoskeleton. But somehow, we think its face is not so fitting of its name. This little critter is more like a “stick-insect-meets-emperor-scorpion” hybrid with its curled back segmented abdomen, but it’s definitely one of the most unique-looking stick insects in the invertebrate pet trade. The black beauty stick insect is a medium-large stick insect that eats privet and honeysuckle. Unlike most stick insects, the black beauty stick insect is not parthenogenic and requires a male to reproduce. Interestingly, the black beauty stick insect was a rare and previously endangered insect from Peru. But, with efforts from the government, the species was saved and have since been widely kept as pets around the world.


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