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Bold Jumping Spider

Phidippus Audax


A beautiful black species of Phidippus jumping spider with easy care requirements. Perfect for beginners.

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Bold Jumping Spider For Sale

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Phidippus audax, commonly known as the bold jumping spider, is a fascinating and popular pet jumping spider species. These jumping spiders are renowned for their remarkable jumping abilities and their distinct appearance. With an average size of about 1 cm, the bold jumping spiders are furry and black with white markings and vibrant, jewel-like chelicerae, making them a very visually striking jumping spider species. What sets the Phidippus audax apart from other jumping spiders is their bold and curious nature. They are not shy and will readily approach humans without showing any signs of aggression. In fact, they are often considered a favorite among spider enthusiasts and are popular in the pet trade due to their charming personalities and ease of care. In addition to their friendly demeanor, Phidippus audax spiders are known for their exceptional hunting skills. They use their powerful legs to jump up to six times their body length, allowing them to capture prey that would otherwise be out of reach. Like all jumping spiders, the bold jumping spider has outstanding eyesight, which enables them to accurately track their prey before launching their attack. It’s truly fascinating to watch these little critters hunt. Overall, the Phidippus audax are an exciting and engaging species that offer a unique and rewarding experience to keep. Their curious personalities, coupled with their unique dark appearance and ease of care make them a wonderful option for beginners and new jumping spider keepers.


1 review for Bold Jumping Spider

  1. Elzbieta Dzidkowska

    Great and very much alive on arrival. Absolutely fantastic little creature. Highly recommended

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