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Borneo Forest Scorpion

Heterometrus Longimanus


The Borneo forest scorpion is a jet-black, easy-care Heterometrus species with a more spindly, slim-line appearance to its bulkier cousins. Perfect for beginners.

Borneo Forest Scorpion For Sale

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Heterometrus Longimanus, commonly known as the Borneo Forest Scorpion, is an impressive arachnid species native to the forests of Borneo. This scorpion is known for its robust build and can reach a length of up to 3 inches, making it a medium scorpion species. Its body is black and it possesses a thin, spindly appearance unlike its bulkier Heterometrus relatives, lending it an imposing and captivating appearance. These scorpions are burrowers and can often be found beneath logs or rocks in their native habitats, waiting patiently for prey. They primarily feed on a diet of insects and other small invertebrates, striking swiftly with their pincers when food is within reach. While these scorpions possess a venomous sting, they are considered relatively docile and their venom is not harmful to humans beyond causing minor irritation or discomfort. They are also known to be more reliant on their strong pincers for defence or predation rather than their sting. In captivity, Borneo Forest Scorpions require a warm, humid environment that mirrors their native tropical forest habitat. Their nocturnal nature makes them more active during the night.


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