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Bryantae Bold Jumping Spider

Phidippus Audax Bryantae


The Bryantae variety of Phidippus Audax features a vibrant red-orange abdomen with unique markings and furry white banded legs. Females are equally stunning posessing a fluffy brown exoskeleton and jewel-like green sheen. Identical in care to other P. Audax

Bryantae Bold Jumping Spider For Sale

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Phidippus audax, or Bold Jumping Spider, is a species of jumping spiders known for their vibrant coloration and bold behavior. The species is commonly found across North America. Phidippus audax bryantae is a variant of the species that is characterized by distinct red-orange abdominal markings. This morph is primarily black, white, and orange. The orange coloration forms a distinctive ring around the spider’s abdomen, which is a unique feature that makes the color stand out significantly. There may be some cases where Bryantae spiderlings possess only black and white coloring, with the white forming a complete ring around the spider’s abdomen.


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