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Budwing Mantis

Parasphendale Affinis


The budwing mantis (Parasphendale affinis) is a remarkable beginner-friendly mantis, named so for its small bud-like wings. Budwing mantis have gorgeous orange tiger-striped arms and wings along with an abundance of attitude and ferocity.

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Budwing Mantis (Parasphendale affinis) are extremely understated and easy to care for mantids with beautiful hidden orange markings and an abundance of personality. As you may have guessed, the budwing mantis gets its name from the small, bud-like wings found in females of this species. While “budwings” might look pretty plain on the outside, they shine in their surprisingly remarkable deimatic display, (threat display) which is the pose they are most commonly photographed in. These little insects have tiger-striped orange arms and wings, and a ferocious attitude to match.

Parasphendale affinis are aggressive gluttons, and have no extreme care needs, making them a brilliant choice for new keepers. Budwings are extremely ferocious and do not hold back while hunting. These are active hunters, choosing to chase down and launch at prey rather than wait for it to go to them. A very active species, Budwing mantis love exploring their enclosures and having a wander around. They will happily enjoy sitting with you while you relax, and are a brilliant choice for keepers wanting a hands-on species.


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