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Cat Eye Mantis

Heterochaeta Orientalis


A hardy, unique, and sizeable species of stick mantis hailing from Africa. A wonderful choice for inexperienced keepers looking for something a little bit different.

Cat Eye Mantis For Sale

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As far as beginner species go, you’ll not find anything more unique than the cat-eye mantis. Heterochaeta orientalis, as it’s scientifically known, is a species of stunning stick-mantis hailing from Tanzania and central Africa. These little critters grow -large-, up to 10-12cm. The origin of its colloquial name originates in the angular, feline eyes that appear almost as little ears atop its head. Cat-eye mantis have an extremely impressive deimatic threat display, in which they reveal their gorgeous amber & red wings to deter predators. These mantis do not have particularly demanding environmental needs, making them a wonderful species for inexperienced keepers.


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