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Coco Coir Substrate Block – 650g

Giganterra’s 650g coco-coir block offers a moisture-retaining, firm substrate perfect for creating stable burrows for tarantulas, snails, and other critters. Or, add a layer of moist coir to the bottom of your arboreal species’ enclosure for a humidity boost.


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Giganterra’s 650g coco coir brick produces around 10L of moisture-retaining coco-coir substrate . Coir fibre guarantees excellent moisture retention and creates a firm, stable substrate, perfect for burrowing invertebrates. Giganterra Coco Bricks undergo meticulous sterilization processes, eliminating any soil-borne pathogens and seeds. Even bioactive setups can benefit from coco soil as it nurtures and supports your bioactive clean-up crew. Coco coir substrate is ideal for tarantulas, mantids, jumping spiders, snails, and many other critters.

How to use:

Simply soak the compacted brick in water to allow it to expand to its original size. Adjust the water quantity to achieve your desired level of moisture. With approximately eight liters of water per 650g brick, you can easily customize the consistency to suit your specific requirements. For rainforest setups, effortlessly incorporate the loose coco soil into your vivarium or terrarium. Additional watering may be necessary only if you wish to increase humidity levels. Alternatively, combine the loose coco soil with a sand substrate to create an ideal environment for desert-based or burrowing species.


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