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Cork Bark Chunk – Small 15cm

Small cork bark chunk roughly 15cm long. Cut to size for small habitats. Ideal for young tarantulas, praying mantis, jumping spiders, baby snails, and other invertebrates. Perfect for arboreal setups for critters to climb on, and for burrowing invertebrates to hide under.


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Approx 15cm long cork-bark chunk. Cork bark provides a realistic and attractive environment for both the observer and the pet invertebrate, replicating the natural habitats they would encounter in the wild. Invertebrates, such as tarantulas, scorpions, isopods, amblypygids and millipedes, require hiding places and shelters to feel secure and regulate their exposure to light and humidity. Cork bark provides natural, textured surfaces that allow these creatures to burrow, hide, or create secure retreats. Other critters such as arboreal species like tree-dwelling tarantulas or mantises, require vertical climbing surfaces in their enclosures. Cork bark provides a lightweight and textured material that allows these creatures to navigate and explore their surroundings. Cork bark has excellent moisture retention properties, allowing it to absorb and hold humidity, thereby helping to create and maintain the desired humidity levels within the enclosure. This is particularly important for invertebrates with delicate respiratory systems that need a humid environment to thrive. In some cases, cork bark can be used to separate different layers of substrate within the enclosure. For example, in setups that require a moist substrate layer for moisture-loving invertebrates and a drier layer for others, cork bark can act as a physical barrier between the two, preventing the mixing of substrates and helping to maintain the desired microclimates.


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