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Cuttlebone Piece

One piece of dried cuttlebone, a brilliant source of calcium and minerals for millipedes, isopods, and snails.


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Cuttlebones serve as a valuable source of essential minerals and nutrient for namely isopods, giant African land snails, millipedes, and many more animals. Cuttlebones are a brilliant source of calcium , providing your critters a steady supply of calcium to maintain the strength and integrity of their protective coverings. Providing cuttlebones as a calcium source can help ensure that these animals have the necessary building blocks to form and maintain healthy shells or exoskeletons. Cuttlebones are primarily composed of calcium carbonate. Invertebrates that require calcium for proper growth, exoskeleton development, and egg production need  access to cuttlebones. Cuttlebone can be added to invertebrate enclosures whole, like with snails, or crumbled into smaller pieces to allow your critters to easily break it down.

We recommend cuttlebone for:

  • Snails
  • Millipedes
  • Isopods


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