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Darth Vader Mantis

Parablepharis kuhlii



The Darth Vader mantis / Vietnamese ghost mantis is a beautiful & aggressive species unrelated to the traditional ghost mantis but with a similar aesthetic appeal.

Darth Vader Mantis For Sale

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Parablepharis kuhlii, known affectionately as the darth vader mantis, or the Vietnamese ghost mantis, is a small to medium-sized mantis, with adults measuring around 2 inches in length. This species is native to Vietnam, is found in tropical and subtropical regions, including forests, grasslands, and gardens. The Vietnamese ghost mantis is an ambush predator that relies on its excellent camouflage to blend into its environment, resembling withered leaves or twigs. This camouflage helps it remain hidden from both predators and prey, allowing it to surprise and capture its food. The vietnamese ghost mantis is significantly more aggressive than regular ghost mantis which are renowned for their timid nature, with its feisty attitude likely being where its unique common name came from.


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