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Giant Dead Leaf Mantis

Deroplatys Desiccata


Large & fierce, Deroplatys dessicata are prized for their beautiful autumnal camouflage and sweet temperament.

(3 customer reviews)
Giant Dead Leaf Mantis For Sale

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Dead leaf mantis, (Deroplatys Desiccata) are fitting company for the chilly, autumn months with their dark, leafy bodies. Dead leaf mantises are unique in both appearance and temperament, being both aggressive yet sweet and personable. Raising a dead leaf mantis can be an entirely different experience from other species, owing to their reserved and shy nature.

D. Desiccata have a couple of perks that set them apart from other mantis. Deroplatys Dessicata grow huge, they’re a bulky species of mantis that boast stunning thoracic shields. Additionally, dead leaf mantids have a particularly long lifespan, with females living over a year, where most mantis species live for close to one. If you’re the type to become overly attached to your mantis, the dead leaf mantis offers a longer commitment than other species and more personality. This makes them ideal for people that want just a bit more from their mantis, in terms of lifespan, size and variation from their “cold-killer” reputation.

3 reviews for Giant Dead Leaf Mantis

  1. Cathy

    Arrived next day, very well packaged with a heat pack. Nice little mantis and didn’t seem too phased by it’s journey to me! Very pleased.

  2. Liam

    I received this very quickly. What a beautiful little bug! I am over the moon with them. Thank you once again for a great service.

    Heat pack was warm on arrival and they were packed very well.

  3. elo.maciej123

    very good

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