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Devils Flower Mantis

Idolomantis Diabolica


The devil’s flower mantis is a stunningly big and beautiful species of tropical flower mantis suitable for experienced mantis keepers.

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Devils Flower Mantis For Sale

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The devils flower mantis is truly unlike any other mantis species in the pet trade. It boasts the impressive title of being possibly the largest flower mantis in the world, and, with females growing to a hefty 5 inches, you’ll find very few other insects quite as large. Idolomantis diabolica are esteemed for the gorgeous arm markings they present during their threat displays, and their overall vibrant colouration.  A unique feature of this species are the thick moth-like antennae on the males, and the smaller curly antennae of the females.

1 review for Devils Flower Mantis

  1. Dean Kirk

    Very cool critter!!!

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