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Dos Gardenas Regal Jumping Spider

Phidippus Regius Dos Gardenas


A uniquely coloured black & crimson regal jumping spider (Phidippus regius) morph native to Cuba. This spider displays beautiful orange-red markings on their  fluffy exoskeletons. Identical care needs to P. Regius.

Dos Gardenas Regal Jumping Spider For Sale


The dos gardenas jumping spider is a beautiful & unique colour morph of P. Regius native to the island of Cuba. Phidippus regius are native to many individual locations within the Americas, with each locality displaying individual markings and colourations. Phidippus regius dos gardenas are identical in care requirements to standard P. Regius, but can have a unique dark & red or orange appearance that makes them highly sought after by jumping spider keepers.

Jumping spiders go through various stages of colouration and patterns as they grow, and there’s always variation in colour even with morphs. The adult colour of your spider will only become apparent when it reaches maturity. For instance, mature males of P. Regius are usually black, while mature females exhibit colours and markings specific to their morph. Even in rare Jumping spider morphs/localities, the males are always black.


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