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Dubia Roaches, Medium

Medium-size pack, approx 2cm cockroaches. Dubia cockroaches, or feeder roaches, are a non-infesting, hardy, and nutritionally rich livefood choice for tarantulas, mantis, scorpions, and other carnivorous invertebrates.


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Dubia cockroaches, commonly referred to as feeder roaches, are rapidly gaining popularity as a top choice of livefood for exotic pets and invertebrates. Unlike some species, they are non-infesting, ensuring they won’t overrun your spaces. Packed with excellent nutritional benefits, these roaches offer a balanced diet that contributes to the health and well-being of the pets they feed. Their hardiness and ease of care make them particularly appealing for invert owners, as they come with an extended shelf life compared to other feeders. To cater to different pet sizes and feeding requirements, feeder roaches are available in an array of sizes. Each tub contains approximately 15 roaches, ensuring you have a consistent supply for your pet’s needs.


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