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Emerald Green Tree Snail


The Emerald green tree snail, Papustyla pulcherrima, boasts a luminous, jade-coloured shell that makes it a living piece of art in the arboreal habitats of Papua New Guinea. These mollusks are difficult to come by in the pet trade.

Emerald Green Tree Snail For Sale

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The Emerald green tree snail, Papustyla pulcherrima, is a pale snail with a stunning luminous, jade-coloured shell. Originating from the islands of Papua New Guinea, this arboreal snail is a dazzling spectacle that symbolises the untapped mystery of tropical biodiversity. While not as rare as some other exotic snails, obtaining one is still considered a special feat due to export restrictions and their unique habitat requirements. Preferring a life up in the trees rather than on the ground, these snails are well-adapted to arboreal life. They thrive in warm, humid environments, with temperature ranges around 77-86°F / 25-30°C and high humidity levels. Their unique lifestyle helps them evade many ground-based predators, making them relatively easier to spot for those keen enough to search the trees. Adult snails reach a moderate size of about 3 to 4 centimetres, and their shell’s remarkable colour is believed to be an adaptation to blend in with their leafy environment.


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