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Eyelash Jumping Spider

Hyllus Dardi


Eyelash jumping spiders, Hyllus Diardi, are one of the largest pet jumping spiders in the pet trade. These are large, beautiful cream & black arachnids named for their small ‘eyelashes’ on either side of their head. Females are cream / white, with males being black.

Eyelash Jumping Spider For Sale

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Eyelash jumping spiders, Hyllus Diardi, is a popular pet jumping spider kept for its remarkable size and beautiful appearance. They are native to Southeast Asia and can be found in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. These spiders inhabit including forests, gardens, and urban areas. H. Diardi females possess a beautifully marked dark & cream exoskeleton, with males being entirely velvet black in colour. Females are typically fluffy and compact, with males being more “spider-like” These arachnids possess 8 large black eyes expertly adapted to tracking their prey, with elongated ‘setae’ (eyelashes!) on the side of their head. In fact, like all jumping spiders, H. Diardi are remarkable hunters and incredibly intelligent, using complex analytical skills, unseen in most other arachnids, to tackle down prey often larger than themselves. These critters are extremely mobile, and can launch themselves across distances multiple times their own body length, a feat incredible to behold in captivity during feeding time. Though not classed as a beginner species, these critters possess relatively simple care requirements, with most attention being paid to the regulation of their environmental conditions. The eyelash jumping spider needs a relative humidity level of around 70%RH, and temperatures of around 23c. A bioactive set up is recommended for this species. The enclosure humidity levels can be maintained via frequent misting of the enclosure walls and moistening of the substrate. The addition of live plants to the enclosure will also help with humidity levels They should be provided with a large, enriching environment with plenty of spaces to explore, hide, and web. Like most jumping spiders, Hyllus diardi possesses venom glands and can deliver venomous bites. However,  they are extremely unlikely to bite and their venom is generally not considered medically significant to humans. These spiders grow to around an inch in size, with females being slightly bigger than males.


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