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Fire Snail

Platymma tweediei


The fire snail, Platymma tweediei, is an incredibly rare solitary snail. This visually stunning mollusc is native to the rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia, and is renowned for its beautiful red-black colouration and particular care requirements.

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The fire snail, Platymma tweediei, is a true marvel of nature, famous for its strikingly vibrant, red accents to its dark black body and shell. Native to the rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia, this snail is exceedingly rare, making it a sought-after specimen for enthusiasts and researchers alike. The fire snail’s habitat is as unique as the creature itself, thriving only in very specific, cool, and damp conditions. Changes in temperature or humidity could prove fatal for these molluscs, which live in a temperature range of about 68-75°F (20-24°C). Due to its rarity and the threat of habitat loss, acquiring a fire snail is no easy feat. Their natural habitat is quickly diminishing due to deforestation and urban development, pushing these snails closer to the brink of extinction. Thus, each sighting or encounter with a fire snail is considered exceptionally special. A mature fire snail can reach sizes of up to 7 centimetres, making it one of the larger terrestrial snails. Despite their size, they are known to be quite elusive, hiding away from direct sunlight and venturing out only during wet conditions to forage for fungal growth and leaves. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these spectacular creatures, you’ll be the envy of collectors everywhere. But remember, with these brilliant creatures comes great responsibility—these snails require meticulous care to maintain their health and vitality. Another fascinating aspect of the fire snail, Platymma tweediei, is its solitary nature. Unlike some other snail species that might thrive in communities, the fire snail largely keeps to itself. It’s a creature of solitude, making its way through the damp forest floor alone. If you’re considering adding a fire snail to your collection, it’s important to note that they generally do not benefit from cohabitation with other snails. These creatures require an experienced snail owner to ensure they thrive in captivity.


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