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Ghost Mantis

Phyllocrania Paradoxa



A little leaf with a -lot- of personality. Ghost mantis are one of the most unique looking beginner mantis species, and can be kept communally by experienced keepers.

(4 customer reviews)
Ghost Mantis For Sale

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Ghost mantis are one of the top beginner-friendly praying mantis species available, beloved for their stunning leaf-like camouflage and dramatic disposition. Ghost mantis come in a variety of shades from vibrant greens to yellows and browns, but look equally stunning no matter their colouration.

Ghost mantis are hardy but have particular quirks that make keeping them a little different to other species. For example, ghost mantis are not particularly aggressive and prefer to feed on smaller prey than most other mantis. They will quickly feign death while spooked, which happens often and easily. Interestingly, this timididty actually keepers to keep them communally, as they are typically too cautious to attack one another.

Ghost mantises are also known for their hardiness and adaptability, as they can thrive in different climates, from the rainforests of Madagascar to the drier plains of Africa. It’s even rumored that you can change their color by adjusting the humidity levels in their enclosure. With their ease of care, hardiness, and dynamic personalities, ghost mantises are an excellent choice for first-time mantis and insect keepers.

4 reviews for Ghost Mantis

  1. Laura Hughes

    Ordered a ghost mantis along with giant Asian mantis, very pleased, both arrived well-packaged and the heat pack was still warm. Ghost mantis has settled in very well into his new enclosure. Will be buying from you again.

  2. Abbie Brooks

    Mantis arrived in perfect condition. The box was well packed, heated and I felt relieved to know my little mantis was handled so well. I can’t wait to get to know this little pet.

  3. Sofia

    Mantis arrived in perfect condition, very well packaged. Its been about a week now and the ghost mantis is doing really well, I’m surprised at how quickly it has grown already. I have another enclosure set up so will definitely be buying again soon

  4. Dean Kirk

    Got 2 they are very chill with each other, they are homies now

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