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Giant African Land Snail – Caramel

Achatina Fulica 'Madagascar'


The caramel giant African land snail is native to Madagascar and known for its beautiful caramel-toned shell. This is a variety not often seen in the hobby.

Giant African Land Snail – Caramel For Sale


The Achatina Fulica ‘Madagascar’, commonly known as the Caramel Giant African Land Snail (GAL), is a rare and appealing variant of the popular Achatina species. Characterized by its warm caramel-toned shell, this snail is a favourite among collectors and hobbyists. But it’s not just the stunning shell that sets this snail apart. As a member of the Achatina Fulica family, it enjoys a diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, proteins, and calcium-rich supplements, essential for maintaining its beautiful shell’s health and shine. Its size further accentuates its beauty; like its land snail counterparts, the Caramel land snail has the potential to grow to an impressive size, making it a brilliantly impressive pet. No matter if you’re new to keeping land snails, the caramel giant African land snail is identical in care to all other variants, making it a wonderful addition to established colonies, or as a starter snail for newbies.



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