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Giant African Land Snail Essentials Setup

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The giant African land snail essentials setup includes an expertly chosen selection of affordable equipment to take care of your pet snails. With an Exo Terra invertarium, JBL thermometer, Giganterra heat mat, water/food dishes and more all from leading exotic pet brands, we’ve selected only the best for your pet snails. Decorate with plants and natural decor items for a beautiful setup that’s both optimal for your pet and aesthetically pleasing.


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Begin snail-keeping with the giant African land snail essentials setup, carefully curated with all the essentials to provide the perfect habitat for your new pet gastropods. The kit features a spacious Exoterra 46 x 30 x 17cm Invertarium, providing plenty of room for one or more snails to explore. Keeping the habitat warm and comfortable, the kit includes a Giganterra 15 x 28cm heat mat that will help maintain a stable environment for your snail. We also include two Giganterra shallow food and water dishes, ideal for ensuring your snail remains nourished and hydrated. The mist bottle included allows you to moisten your substrates, refill water dishes, and generally regulate humidity levels, crucial for your snail’s health. Calcium is essential to shell strength, development, and health. Included is a large cuttlebone piece, which supplies calcium, and 100g of dried insect protein, necessary to the health and development of your pet snails. Use the 25cm cork-bark chunk to create a small and secure area for your snails to hide within. The kit also includes a 650g Coco Coir Brick, a moisture-retaining substrate that helps keep humidity high while being a safe and natural choice for your snail’s enclosure. Finally, keeping track of your snail’s environment is a breeze with the JBL Stick On Thermometer included, ensuring you can monitor temperature levels to keep your new pet in optimal conditions. All these items combined create a perfect start for your giant African land snail and ensure they have a happy and comfortable life under your care. The giant African land snail starter kit can house up to 5 older snails (following the gallon per snail rule) and many more young snails.

*The Snail Essentials Setup does not contain any live animals.


  • Exo Terra L46 x D30 x H17cm Invertarium
  • Giganterra 15 x 28cm heat mat
  • 2x Giganterra shallow food & water dishes
  • Pro Rep Mist Bottle
  • Large Cuttlebone Piece
  • 100g  Dried Insect Protein
  • 650g Coco Coir Brick
  • JBL Stick On Thermometer
  • 25cm Cork Bark Hide


The Giant Land Snail Essentials setup provides durable, affordable equipment and can be decorated further with natural objects, hides, and more to truly provide your pet with an optimal environment that mimics its natural habitat.

1 review for Giant African Land Snail Essentials Setup

  1. Hayley-Louise Oneill-Asprey

    This is the absolute best starter kit for your snails, comes with everything they need and the tank is a decent size aswel! Comes very well packaged nothing damaged and a speedy delivery! Thank you

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