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Giant African Land Snail – White Jade

Achatina Fulica


A pale, albino-body giant african land snail (Achatina fulica) morph with a beautifully contrasting dark shell. Identical in care to regular giant African land snails.

Giant African Land Snail – White Jade For Sale


The Jade morph of the Giant African Land Snail is a specific variation within the Achatina fulica / Lissachatina fulica species. The Jade morph snail has a dark-colored shell. The shell can range from deep brown to almost black, exhibiting subtle patterns or striations. The dark coloration of the shell gives it a striking and unique appearance that beautifully contrasts its pale body which makes it a highly popular colouration amongst giant African land snail keepers. This snail is identical in care to the standard GAL, requiring a warm, humid environment to keep it happy and healthy. Achatina fulica are omnivores. They love leafy vegetables which are a highly nutritious and hydrating food source. Along with greens, a protein source such as dried insects should be added to their food to keep them healthy. Calcium, which can be provided in the form of oyster shell, egg shell, or cuttlebone, ensures that their own shells remain stable & strong as they grow preventing any severe shell injuries. Jade giant African land snails can live and interbreed with other GAL variations without issue.


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