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Giant African Mantis

Sphrodomantis Sp.


The ultimate mean green killing machine. A very aggressive species of praying mantis suitable for beginners – just be careful how you handle them!

Giant African Mantis For Sale

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You won’t find a meaner, greener killing machine than the giant African mantis. This little critter is similar to the giant Asian mantis, being just a little smaller but infinitely more aggressive. We truly do warn new keepers to be wary of this species – while they’re undoubtedly hardy with easy-to-fulfil environmental conditions, they have a seemingly insatiable hunger and desire to feast on everything – including your fingers. While this ferocity is not usually apparent in nymphs, adult female giant African mantis display their aggression in full force. There are few other species as exciting to feed as these little critters.  Giant African mantis are several different species all belonging to the genus Sphrodomantis, including Sphrodomantis viridis, gastrica, and lineola, all of which are beginner-friendly species that make wonderful pets. If you’re looking for an exciting species this is the praying mantis for you.


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