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Giant Asian Mantis

Hierodula Membranacea



The staple beginner praying mantis species for first-time keepers. The giant Asian mantis is adored for its large size, handleability, and docile nature.

(3 customer reviews)
Giant Asian Mantis For Sale

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The giant Asian mantis is a sizeable and handelable species of praying mantis perfect for first-time keepers. Hierodula membranacea, as it is scientifically known, is one of the largest species of pet praying mantis in the trade and are a staple species that the majority of experienced keepers have owned at least once. Growing up to 4 inches, or 10cm, the giant Asian mantis is the largest beginner friendly mantis species available. Its large size makes it perfect for handling and an overall excellent pet insect. The giant Asian mantis is the ultimate classic, staple species as far as mantis go.

In temperament, the giant Asian mantis is a calm and docile species that make wonderful companions. Despite their placid nature, Hierodula membranacea are excellent hunters with their aggression and mantis-like nature showing most prominently in mature adult females. Giant Asian mantis are notable gluttons, and are such voracious eaters, in fact, that you often have to regulate their diet so they do not eat themselves to illness. Hierodula membranacea are active hunters rather than ambush predators, and would much rather seek and chase down prey than wait for it to unknowingly approach first.

Giant Asian mantis rarely wander, and are perfectly happy to stay in the same place which makes them ideal for supervised free-roaming. Their large size as adults and bright green colouring make them difficult to lose track of if you’re paying attention. It’s perfectly normal to allow these critters to sit beside you while you go about your day, being more than happy to simply relax on a houseplant. It’s not hard to see why giant Asian mantis are beloved by both new & experienced keepers. If you’re looking for your first mantis and aren’t sure which to pick, this is the choice for you.

3 reviews for Giant Asian Mantis

  1. Laura Hughes

    Giant Asian mantis arrived in good health, well packed & heat mat was still warm. Very happy with my purchase, will be ordering again in the future.

  2. Nathalie Casali

    Mantis arrived in good shape and fed straight away. All the products arrived beautifully packed and are high quality. Additionally the team at bug pets provided exceptional service, emailing back out of hours and giving me a call to let me know exactly when the package would arrive. This was a present for my son’s 8th birthday and we are very pleased with his present. We will be ordering from Bug Pets again.

  3. Darrien Stewart

    My baby nebby came in perfect condition with their food!! Nebby was a bit scared in the beginning and now (the next day) won’t stop crawling all over me! 10/10 will recommend this business to everyone

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