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Giant Blonde Hairy Scorpion

Hadrurus Pallidus


The giant blonde hairy scorpion, Hadrurus A. pallidus, is a large, yellowish-blonde, docile scorpion from southwestern North America that makes a fascinating yet exotic pet for adventurous invert keepers. This is a subspecies of H. arizonensis, the ‘desert hairy’.

Giant Blonde Hairy Scorpion For Sale

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Hadrurus pallidus, commonly known as the blonde hairy scorpion, is a pale subspecies of the desert hairy scorpion. These captivating creatures originate from the arid desert regions of southwestern North America, where they adapt impressively to the harsh environment. As their common name implies, the blonde hairy scorpion exhibits a striking appearance, characterized by a relatively large body, ranging from 5 to 7 inches in length, with a light tan or yellowish-blonde colouration. One of the largest scorpion species in North America, they possess eight legs, a pair of pincers, and a tail that carries a venomous stinger at its end. Blonde hairy scorpions are generally quite docile and are not prone to aggressive behaviour unless provoked. They are known for their fuzzy body texture, courtesy of a coating of fine hairs that helps them detect vibrations in their surroundings, aiding in locating prey and evading threats. As pets, Hadrurus pallidus require a desert-like habitat setup that replicates their natural environment. This includes a warm temperature range, low humidity, and a sandy substrate for them to burrow into, as they are primarily nocturnal creatures who spend a significant amount of time hiding underground during the day. In the wild,their diet consists mainly of insects like crickets, mealworms, and occasionally small vertebrates. Although their venom is potent enough to subdue their prey, it generally poses no severe threat to humans, causing discomfort akin to a bee sting. With the right care and attention, the blonde hairy scorpion can make an unusual and engaging pet for those interested in the more exotic spectrum of the animal kingdom.


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