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Giant Prickly Stick Insect

Extatosoma Tiaratium


The giant prickly stick insect, native to Australia, is notable for its unique branch-like body covered in defensive spines, and its colouration that ranges from brown to green, often changing to mimic lichen when in its presence.

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Extatosome tiaratum, or more commonly known as the giant prickly stick insect, is recognized for its distinctive spiky look. These creatures hail from Australia and are widespread in various regions throughout the nation. Their usual habitats include forests, woodlands, and shrublands, where they seamlessly merge with the surrounding greenery. Their bodies, which imitate a thorn-covered branch, act as a formidable defense mechanism, deterring potential predators by making them less appetizing and offering protection. The insect’s hues may fluctuate between brown and green, offering an exceptional camouflage within natural settings. Fascinatingly, these creatures will often adapt physically to resemble lichen when raised in its presence, though this isn’t a guaranteed outcome. Adult females of this species can measure up to 15 centimeters (6 inches), ranking them among the larger species of stick insects. The giant prickly stick insect leads a primarily nocturnal lifestyle, staying motionless during the day and relying on its camouflage for protection. Despite their intimidating appearance, these insects are peaceful and move with a leisurely pace when active. As herbivores, they consume a variety of leaves including eucalyptus, bramble, rose, and oak. Caring for this species is relatively simple and low maintenance. They need a spacious, well-aired mesh enclosure with a regular supply of fresh leaves. The temperature should be maintained at around 20-25°C (68-77°F), and the relative humidity at about 60% RH. Providing additional items like twigs, branches, or corkbark will give them more surfaces to explore and climb. For those interested in invertebrate keeping, the giant prickly stick insect is a superb choice given its unique aesthetics, tranquil temperament, and easy-to-manage care needs.

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L2 to L4 Nymph, Subadult/Adult Male


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