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Giant West African Snail

Archachatina Marginata


Archachatina Marginata, known as the Giant West African Land Snail, can grow up to 20 cm, dwarfing the commonly traded Giant African Land Snails. These are fairly easy pets to care for and grow huge. Wild Caught.

Giant West African Snail For Sale

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Archachatina Marginata, commonly referred to as the Giant West African Land Snail, stands as one of the most impressive members of the land snail family. Native to the lush forests and humid regions of West Africa, this snail is renowned not only for its size but also for its unique appearance. In size alone, Archachatina marginata easily overshadows many of its counterparts. While the giant African land snails found in the pet trade are already considered large, Archachatina Marginata takes this to another level. In its full glory, it can grow up to 20 cm in length, making it one of the largest terrestrial snails in the world. This immense size, coupled with its beautiful shell, make it a brilliant addition to a snail keeper’s collection. Despite its size, this species still requires similar delicate care as other GALS. Its habitat needs to mimic the moist and temperate conditions of West Africa to ensure its well-being. However, because of its sheer size,  Archachatina marginata offers enthusiasts a unique experience that is unparalleled by the more commonly found pet trade GALS.



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