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Giganterra Heat Mat 15 x 28cm

Giganterra’s 15 x 28cm 7w heat mat, specially designed to cater to the needs of small invertebrate terrariums. Keep your pets warm and their metabolisms thriving with this efficient heating solution. Suitable for all types of invertebrates.


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Giganterra’s 15x28cm 7w heat mat, provides optimal heat to your pet invertebrates. This external heat source is designed to create a reliable heat gradient in your pet’s enclosure, allowing your critter to regulate its body temperature effectively. It is crucial to attach the heat mat externally to any side of the enclosure, avoiding placement inside or at the base. This ensures that heat rises naturally, and burrowing critters have a designated cool area for temperature regulation. For precise temperature control, we highly recommend using a thermostat in conjunction with our heat mat.


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