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Gothic Jumping Spider

Phidippus Octopunctatus


The Gothic jumping spider, Phidippus octopunctatus, is a beautiful cream-grey colour jumping spider hailing from New Mexico and the Great Basin Desert.

Gothic Jumping Spider For Sale

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Phidippus Octopunctatus, commonly known as the Gothic Jumping Spider, is a beautiful species within the large family of Salticidae or jumping spiders. This species is native to parts of the United States and Mexico, beloved by keepers for its adorable appearance. Typically, Gothic jumping spiders can reach a body length of about 0.5 to 0.8 inches. They are well-known for their large, expressive eyes, which provide them with impressive visual acuity essential for hunting and navigation.  Like other members of the Phidippus genus, P. Octopunctatus exhibit remarkable jumping abilities, using their strong hind legs to leap onto their prey or navigate their environment. They are diurnal hunters, active during the day, and use their superior vision to stalk and ambush a variety of small insects, which constitute their primary diet. Phidippus Octopunctatus is generally a docile species, and while they can jump, they rarely bite unless threatened. The bite is typically harmless to humans, similar to a minor bee sting.


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