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Horsehead Grasshopper

Pseudoproscopia scabra


A wonderfully weird species of stick-grasshopper / jumping stick from the family Proscopiidae.

Horsehead Grasshopper For Sale


The horse-head grasshopper, scientifically known as Pseudoproscopia scabra, is a unique and exotic pet invertebrate belonging to the Proscopiidae family, referred to as stick grasshoppers or jumping sticks. This species is distinguished by its horse-like head, which sets it apart from other grasshopper varieties and makes it a popular choice among exotic pet enthusiasts. This is an unusual and striking critter, with a long, thin body and distinct face that only a mother could love, which lends itself to its common name. The body is usually a pale green or brown color, with long, spindly legs that it uses to slowly crawl around.

Caring for the horse-head grasshopper is relatively simple, similar to stick insects. They can be fed a diet of bramble leaves and require daily misting of their food and enclosure so they can drink and stay hydrated. Provide them with a large terrarium or mesh enclosure, and ensure access to fresh leaves and water at all times.


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